Great Day in Sherman Heights


This weekend reInterpret hosted an arts booth at the Sherman Heights Latin Music Festival. This vibrant community event was attended by many local neighbors eager for an afternoon of music, art and culture.

We welcomed the community into our booth for an open-ended arts experience with many engaging and colorful materials – encouraging kids and their families to create with us. It was amazing! People packed the booth for several hours until we ran out of materials.   It was beautiful to see parents working along side their kids.

Pencil Holder


Many people stayed for hours making sculptures, instruments and functional art pieces with everything from cardboard tubes, boxes, metal pieces, bottle caps, corks, fabric pieces and swatches, rubber bands, assorted plastics, string and wire.

It was truly impressive and it makes us realize how much people need art experiences in their lives. And it was especially meaningful to offer this opportunity to the low-income families in the area, and at no cost.

In the kid zone, where our booth was located, people were choosing to do art instead of play carnival games.

Candle Holder


At one point someone came by asking us to pass out free candy. One kid said, “let’s take the candy out and use the box to make something.” Yes! This is the ultimate goal of reInterpret – to encourage others to imagine the possibilities with the resources we have. We hope to host another art booth soon at a summer festival near you!