reInterpret reInspired

On March 1st, reInterpret hosted a workshop for early child development teachers. As the workshop progressed, we quickly realized the teachers were well versed in open-ended materials…they basically just needed a little reInspiration! Take a look at how the teachers interacted with our activities:

We presented teachers with various materials to describe: a length of wire, a black plastic cap and a solid rectangle of wood. Teachers concluded that materials each have some unique attributes and may have some attribute in common. Recognizing differences and similarities help children with language development, pre-reading skills and pre-math skills.






After interacting with our activity stations, our reflective participants made the following comments:



Here are some of their creations:





Here are some of the ideas for presenting materials to 2-6 year olds:

WP_20140301_005 WP_20140301_004 WP_20140301_003













The teachers reflected on what they learned about each other:






Teachers made these resolutions:


Thank you to all of the teachers of Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church Preschool!