Thank you SSP

The Santee Success Program (or SSP) in the Santee School District, created by Annelise Ryan, supports at-risk children at the middle school level. While getting each student WP_20130517_001“caught up” and ready academically for ninth grade, Annelise focuses on self-sufficiency and critical thinking, and uses reInterpret to support her curriculum. Annelise provides a rich art curriculum but prefers to use reInterpret resources for projects that bring to life physics and anatomy (for example). Earlier this year, students created marble roller coasters and, more recently, they planned to create a human skeleton using a snow board and several golf clubs.

SSP parents appreciate that they are not burdened with buying expensive materials for projects. SSP students benefit from the out-of-the-box thinking required to construct a project using non-traditional materials. Here’s what two students had to say about visiting the reInterpret studio (RR):



 Thank you Annelise and SSP students!