Door 38

What’s behind door 38?                                                             Hundreds of materials for use in your creative projects!

Recently the Santee School District offered reInterpret a space (Room 38 at the Annex on Magnolia and El Nopal in Santee) to sort, store and display our materials and projects. This wonderful gift has allowed us to provide materials to teachers free of charge! So please contact us when you need interesting and useful materials for your classroom activities. We will be happy to set an appointment for you to collect materials and ideas.

What can children do with all of these rich materials?          
Simply providing an area in the classroom with an organization of open-ended materials like ours provides a valuable opportunity to explore, create, invent, discover and…learn! As students plan, design, layout and build, they experience first hand the properties of the materials and how properties function (or misfunction) as part of the project. Planning and evaluations of the project will exercise language and critical thinking skills. Creating and building will reinforce math and science concepts. Working in groups will enhance social skills. Many points of a conventional curriculum can be reached with reInterpret materials.